ISSAC is an Advanced Data Analytics and Systems Engineering consulting firm with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  ISSAC is rapidly expanding into an uncontested market space in corporate data analytic services, building on its success and continued work for the U.S. Department of Defense in Missile Defense Systems Data Analytics and Systems of Systems Engineering. ISSAC believes in investing in education and local community to provide students with mentorship and career awareness. As a thought leader in STEM education in Colorado Springs, ISSAC initiated the k2i effort (kindergarten-2-industry), which partners with local schools in the Colorado Springs area to bring STEM professionals to meet with students through a “STEM Café” model. Students learn about a variety of STEM careers from a diverse set of cross-sector STEM professionals. As a STEM Champion, ISSAC is supporting CEI via a $30,000 contribution over a three-year period to support staffing and capacity needed to implement the STEM Roadmap.

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