The United Launch Alliance

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) is a leader in exciting and engaging students through bringing STEM to life. One way in which ULA is sparking excitement in STEM education among students is through the Intern Rocket Program. In partnership with Ball Aerospace, ULA and Ball provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for K-12 and college students. Participating interns have just eight to ten weeks to construct rockets and payloads and quickly gain experience with new design concepts, manufacturing techniques, and launch procedures. Working with college interns from ULA and Ball, elementary, middle, and high school students learn about basic rocket concepts, payload designs, and payload integration with the rockets. ULA as a company believes in contributing time, talent, and resources at all levels to support Colorado communities. ULA is a key thought partner and funder in advancing the statewide strategy to improve STEM education in Colorado, and serves as a critical champion in engaging business and industry, with a special emphasis on the aerospace sector, to excite and prepare the workforce of the future. As a STEM Champion, ULA is committing $30,000 over a three year period to support CEI in implementing the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap, and is working to engage aerospace companies in supporting implementation efforts of this important work.

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