Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is fueling economic growth and innovation throughout the United States, and Colorado is no exception. Improving STEM education and training in schools across Colorado is critical.

Colorado STEM is a community-driven effort to develop and implement the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap, a plan designed to advance STEM education for all Colorado learners, meet business needs, and attract new companies to the state.

Colorado STEM works to achieve and maintain the following goals:

  • Increase the quantity and diversity of students entering and engaging with STEM fields.
  • Identify and expand programs that excite students about STEM fields.
  • Invest in STEM education in the early grade levels
  • Work with Colorado’s 14 economic development regions to prioritize STEM in communities around the state.
  • Expand the coalition of P-20 educators, industry leaders, and economic development experts supporting STEM Roadmap implementation.

Want to learn more about how Colorado STEM will improve education across the state? Please visit these other areas on our STEM for Colorado website:

STEM Advisory Committee
The State STEM Advisory Committee includes the STEM Champions Board and state leaders who are committed to advising and guiding The Colorado Education Initiative’s efforts to develop and implement the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap.

STEM Champions Board
STEM Champions are the companies, foundations, and individual donors contributing time, talent, and financial resources to implement the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap.

STEM Partners
STEM Partners are organizations that partner with The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) to support and execute the work outlined in the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap.

STEM Mentors
STEM Mentors are companies and individuals who contribute time to provide students across Colorado with a real-world understanding of STEM careers.

STEM Staff
STEM Staff are team members that support Colorado STEM’s vision, direction, operations, and the execution of the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap.