Colorado STEM Education Roadmap

The Colorado STEM Education Roadmap

How do we get there?

How does Colorado achieve its vision of meeting the demand for a talented workforce — and ensure that the opportunities ahead are shared by all?

The STEM Roadmap is a sequenced plan for improving STEM education and training in ways that increase opportunities for all students, meet employer needs, and attract new businesses to our state.

We know achieving this goal requires strengthening STEM education and training, and providing a rigorous focus on these concepts in an integrated way.

The vision, theory of change, goals, and strategies that make up the STEM Roadmap were developed through collaboration with hundreds of key stakeholders.

  1. Vision for STEM Education in Colorado
    Colorado will be the most innovative state in the country in growing a local talent pipeline by ensuring all learners have the STEM education and experiences needed to succeed in an innovation economy.
  2. Theory of Change for STEM Education in Colorado
    If Colorado …
  • Builds community awareness and support for STEM, and fully coordinates and aligns STEM policies, practices, and partners to increase student interest, participation, and achievement in STEM
  • Focuses on ensuring all students achieve STEM literacy
  • Reduces its STEM talent and skills gap

    … then it will lead the nation in STEM talent development.

  • Goal 1: Develop a state strategy to sustain and advance STEM education.
  • Goal 2: Support all students (P-12) in achieving STEM literacy.
  • Goal 2: Build a local, STEM-ready talent pipeline.